A flower ripped off its petals


A scorching hot day in the middle of a pale winter


An arid waterfall


A sinking heart, blame it on gravity

One look at her she seems to be floating

But she is drowning six feet underwater

Six feet under, her soul is buried

Covered in dust her loved ones walked on

That is the only thing she has of them to hold on to

The footprints they left on the soil for her heart to trail after them

Her movements say lifeless

Dead, someone else would say

But only those who ever lived get to die


She existed

And she will exist eternally

Her soul floating, searching for the parts of her each one of them took

Searching for herself inside of them

But little girl they have done away with the parts of yourself you gave away

in the name of love

Yours is to uncover yourself

Six feet under, your soul is buried

To go deeper or to fight gravity that sinks you deeper into dust

Six feet over and you get to live

But for now,

Six feet under you remain

How sad it is to bid farewell to your soul that still roams restlessly in search of closure

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust


For hearts that once loved without limitation

If I told you…

If I told you that the four seasons of my life are winter, winter, winter and winter

Shivering used to be a thing of our after orgasms when you still lived inside of me

When you still occupied the space between my legs and with the milk that poured like waterfalls you drenched your deceitful lips and hoped to mend your conniving soul

But lover, shivers and quivers have become a habit of my heart as the only tune it dances to is coldness

It rains… and it pours… and it thunders… and it pours… and it rains… and it thunders

My heart cannot find peace

What shape does the sun come in during summer, what is the colour of spring?

Where are the rustling leaves of autumn? Are these lifeless winter trees all that I get?

The me that lived before you demands answers

Would you believe me if I told you that it has been ten years

And still

I long for the warmth that your gaze guarantees

Although I am aware

That you were never mine to keep